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Lighting Your Path 



THE Renaissance Festival

Triple Moon Waxcraft is excited to announce the opportunity to show our beautiful wares at multiple Renaissance Faires this year! 

All of our stunning candles and intentions will be showing under  the name

Myth and Moonstone. 

The limited edition Renaissance Candle, The Dragon's Lair, as well as the limited edition Seasons, Tarot, and Witches Collections, will all be available while supplies lasts at the festival. See you there!

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Flower Arrangements

The seasons collection

This installment of the Seasons Collection is focusing your manifestation energy on grounding and connecting yourself, releasing what does not serve you, and forging the path that serves you best. 


Wanderlust: Forging your path can be difficult. This hand dyed candle helps you navigate around the things no longer serving you and attracting the path that is best.

Grounded: Our hibiscus berry tea ritual candle. Each candle contains a spoon and vile of tea to connect and ground your energy.

Time Turner: Let go of the past, release the hyper focus of the future, and learn to live in the present moment. 

Naturally magical

Triple Moon Waxcraft is 100% handcrafted, everything is meant to bring positive energy, raised vibrations, and a little bit of magic. Every candle and body care product is created with full focus on its specific intention or manifestation. Come share the magic with us!


“I bought this for a friend and she LOVED it! The candle looks and smells beautiful, and handwriting the gift note I submitted was a great personal touch! They could have printed it on generic card stock but I really appreciate taking the extra time to do that. I definitely would buy a candle from here again!”



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