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A story of pure magick


Triple Wick Goddess was launched December 2020 following a lot of determination and a little bit of magick. Jocelyn Sterling set out with an idea to bring her inherited work with herb and moon magick to others, her niche has always been manifesting for herself and others. 

Triple Wick Goddess is 100% handcrafted items, each meant to bring positive energy, raised vibrations, and a little bit of magic.

Every candle, soak, steamer, and smudge collection is created with a full focus on its specific intention or manifestation.

We pour our candles during the most impactful corresponding moon phases, add herbs and botanicals to accompany the candles needs, as well as a crystal to enforce vibrations, and scent it with oils to raise the purpose. Our stunning Candles are smudge cleansed and moon charged after each small batch is completed for maximum impact.


its in the details

Our hand-poured candles only use pure soy wax sourced from the USA, phthalate-free essential oil-based fragrances, and premium wooden wicks. Soy wax burns cleaner and longer than paraffin wax, and our non-toxic scents are safe for the whole family.

Most other scented candles on the market today are made with paraffin (petroleum) wax and fragrances laced with phthalates. When burned, these candles can release harmful (even carcinogenic) endocrine-disrupting chemicals into the air. These harmful chemicals can cause everything from mild headaches to severe respiratory issues.

Triple Wick Goddess uses local, organic, or sustainably sourced ingredients for all of our candle and body care collections. We pride ourselves in radiating good vibes for you and the environment from start to finish. 

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