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Karma Candle

Karma Candle

Negative situations and people can attempt to lower your vibrations, however we prefer to reset and to let karma do the work for us. The universe has a balance of karmic energy and when asked can send that negativity and toxicity back to where it originated, leaving your energy light and clear. tourmalinated quartz, snowflake obsidian, and shungite promote reversal of negative energy and absorption of things that do not serve you, while the cloves and sage amplify cleansing and protection within. Poured during a waning gibbous moon it is the perfect releasing and renewing energy.


Karma Intention Candle

Made From: Soy Wax and a Wooden Wick

Scent: Lemon, Clove, and Ginger

Crystal: Tourmalinated Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, and Shungite

Herbs: Ground Clove and White Sage

Inclusions: Yin-Yang Charm

Poured during a waning gibbous moon.


Every candle features a spell or affirmation card, say the words as you let your candle burn to further enforce your set intention.


Each candle is handmade with 100% soy wax, roughly 12oz (I pour with love but not necessarily with precision) and comes in a glass status jar.


Because natural ingredients are used, each individual candle is unique and may have slight variations from the picture. Some herbs or botanical elements may come loose during shipping – just scoot them back over to the edge of the glass before lighting your candle.


The first time you burn your candle, make sure you burn it long enough for the pool of melted wax to reach the rim of the glass to avoid “tunneling”.


Please use caution when removing your stone – the stones can get very hot when near the candle flame so please do NOT try to handle them when the candle is lit or has been recently extinguished. I recommend fishing them out of the glass with a disposable spoon (or similar) when the wax is cool-ish but still melted, then wiping thoroughly with a paper towel until clean. Do not try to rinse your stone without first wiping off the wax – cold water may harden the wax onto the stone or hot water may flush the wax down your drain which can cause plumbing issues.


Do not leave a burning candle unattended, and do not burn the candle low enough so that the herbs or botanical elements might catch. Only burn the candle on a heat-resistant surface and please use caution when handling the candle while the candle is lit or recently extinguished as it can get hot.

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