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Protection Shower Steamer

Protection Shower Steamer

The Protection Shower Steamer

Fragrance Notes: Blackberry and Sage

Base: Baking Soda and Citric Acid

Herbs: Eucalyptus Leaf and Cloves


Each of the steamers have been carefully handcrafted with sustainably sourced bases featuring organic herbs, and fragrances in small batches. If you enjoy ritual showers, you’ll fall in love with these herbal steamers. Adding these steamers to your shower will elevate your ordinary bath time into a cleansing and healing experience; surround yourself with herbs and essential oils that both soothe and cleanse. Allow your mind, body, and soul a chance to ground, recharge, and recalibrate.


The Protection Steamer is amazing for:

-Setting and recharging shields

-Releasing things that no longer serve you

-Protection and or cleansing rituals

-Setting negativity aside

-Transform to a higher energy

-Amplify energy

Each shower steamer is charged in moonlight after being cleansed.


Place in the shower, keep out of direct water flow. 

Note: Our intention shower steamers feature herbs that will become loose as you use. Because natural ingredients are used, each individual shower steamer is unique and may have slight variations from the picture.

Do not use shower steamer directly on the skin.
Don’t forget to set your intentions!
Has small amounts of eco glitter or flakes.

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